Mondays and Fridays

Are you a new Mum or returning to Motherhood? 

Or are you a Grandma looking after small children who use a pram/pushchair? 

Do you fancy some gentle exercise while you connect with other local Mums and Grandparents? 

Do you live local to Arnold, Sherwood, Heathfield, Bestwood, Top Valley or Rise Park in Nottingham? 


Every MONDAY and FRIDAY at 11.00 for one or both of our weekly PramFit meetups.

We are a local group of friendly Mums who meet for social exercise and conversation. Text Vanessa 07480 118851 for info – you will be added into a WhatsApp/Facebook groups to stay updated on the meetups.

“This woman is an inspiration! she has helped me to have more get up and go and I’m really enjoying the pramfit that we do and getting to know Vanessa a lot more! she is amazing and I would highly recommend Vanessa to anyone thinking or struggling with fitness or just the get up and go you need. Keep being you Vanessa! We love you!!

Amy, Melannie and my two big girls