Who is :Vanessa-Mary: ?



I am a fun and loving Mum to two adults and one toddler.  I am also a Glam-ma to two amazing grand-daughters.  My life became even more abundant when I returned to motherhood in April 2019 when my oldest son was twenty two.

So, now I have even more reasons to work on achieving my own personal development, nutritional, wellness and exercise goals.

Step by step I am making improvements in my own life EVERY DAY!!

“An inspiring project which teaches you to look after yourself, nutrition advice and fitness! Vanessa makes me feel so motivated, self love is key and health is wealth” –Louise Limb, Drama Graduate, Nottingham

Where are you in our magnificent world? If you are reading this blog from outside of Nottingham, England. Thank you for taking your time to connect with my page.  I am so blessed.   I hope my stories and updates add value to your life.

Are you based in Nottingham? If so, don’t miss out on friendships, fun and nutrition education.  Do you live somewhere else in the world? No worries we can still connect.

My free online nutrition and fitness community will help you get started on your long term healthy active lifestyle goals.  You can also learn more about my up and coming events.  Check out the calendar here

You can find out more about me in my story here or send me a message by contacting me directly here.