Let’s Get Outdoors and Stay Active Together!

Do you live local to Bestwood Country Park?

Are you fed up with staying indoors?  Or working out alone in the gym?

Do you find yourself struggling to maintain a healthy eating plan?

Are you looking for a supportive way to keep yourself on track with your fitness and healthy eating routine?

If you need support come an join an exciting outdoor community event hosted by local Lifestyle Coach  :Vanessa-Mary:

It’s been long overdue, but at last the free Bestwood Fitcamp is back! 

I’ve been with the Bestwood Fitcamp for about a month now and I am already seeing changes. Not only physically but mentally. After each session I feel motivated and encouraged to keep fit. I have been educated about the importance of eating healthy. If I’m unable to attend a session I feel the difference within myself. The group I train with are very friendly and positive. I look forward to continuing my journey.

Alisha, Bestwood

Limited spaces are now open if you are serious. The first 4 week trial starts on Wednesday 6th January 2021 at 07:00 AM (this is an early morning workout)

This is a unique event that combines community support with fitness and nutrition.

When you join the free Bestwood Fitcamp you will become part of a fun and supportive community set up to help local people live a healthy active lifestyle. 

You will be offered a free four week trial to see if the free Bestwood Fitcamp is for you.

About Our Meetups

The free Bestwood Fitcamp has two different meetings:

  • An early morning workout every Wednesday at 07:00 AM (this is an early morning workout) in Bestwood Country Park
  • A 30 minute -weekly online Nutrition Hub class every Saturday at 11:00

Our Culture

The free Bestwood Fitcamp is guaranteed to support your fitness and nutrition routine.

You will also have an opportunity to:

  • Track and measure your fitness levels
  • Track and measure your body composition
  • Learn more about nutrition and how to boost your nutritional requirements

Our Nutrition Hub

The free Bestwood Fitcamp will also provide you with an opportunity to build on your knowledge and innerstanding on the benefits of nutrition.

Your commitment to learning more about nutrition and healthy eating is guaranteed to help you get the most out of your free workout session.  

In these free online sessions you will  the benefits of introducing Herbalife Nutrition into your life to help you achieve your wellbeing goals.  These incredible products have been in the marketplace for over forty years and are backed by science.

During your four week trial there is no obligation to purchase Herbalife products.  Members who continue to participate in the free Bestwood Fitcamp after their trial period will gain great results from their personalised nutritional plan.   All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Get Registered Now!

Places are limited. If you are serious about achieving incredible body transformation results register now. Our proven support system is designed to help you change your body in terms of reducing body fat, increasing your strength, fitness and overall vitality.

You can also earn extra money while you attend the free Bestwood Fitcamp!

Limited spaces are now open for serious people.   Reserve your free four week trial place today!

Limited spaces are now open if you are serious. The first 4 week trial will start on Wednesday 6th January 2021 at 07:00 in Bestwood Country Park – you must register to receive information on the meeting point.

For more information call/text : Vanessa-Mary: on 07480 118851 or email