Mummy & Me Health Club



I’m delighted to tell you more about a new service I opened in January 2020 for Mums, Grandmothers and Carers.  Working in collaboration with an experienced holistic health practitioner, Lisa Brindley, owner of Revitalise Wellbeing.

My team and I serve Mums caring for children under three years old. You may be struggling to reconnect to a daily routine that focuses on your health and personal development goals. Our online Mummy & Me membership will give you access to education, coaching and inclusive activities to meet your needs within a supportive community.

The Mummy & Me Health Club Online is a supportive service set up to help women learn about nutrition and enjoy exercise in a child friendly environment.  Click on the picture below to watch a short information presentation about the online version of the Mummy & Me Health Club.


“Joining the club has changed [life for my son and I]. It’s helped me to have a focus and manageable lifestyle balancing being a new mama and life. I’m thankful Vanessa invited me to join. [I have] met the lovely Gemma and also Jo who lives across my street.  I have come to understand that I am not alone in the journey of motherhood” – Michelle, Nottingham



Nutrition Club & Yoga (Level 1) – January 2020

Starting a new chapter

In April 2019 I became a Mum again.  After maintaining a healthy lifestyle during my pregnancy I was keen to return to physical activity.  My body needed to heal so gentle exercise was I could only manage.  Walking my newborn baby in his pushchair was an obvious place to start. To keep myself motivated and in a routine I started to invite local Mums along to a weekly walk.

The PramFit community expanded quickly.  We have a regular walk on Mondays (Spring and Summer time) and also Wednesdays.  I am excited to see a new PramFit meetup will take place on Fridays (from 21st February 2020).

PramFit Collage Feb 20

PramFit Memories May – Nov 2019

New Opportunities for Growth 

After listening to the needs of the other Mums, I realised accessing affordable childcare was a barrier for many women. Starting and maintaining a weekly exercise programme with children requires support. The Mummy & Me Health Club helps women stay focused on their health and well-being while they care for their children.

Thankfully, I received funding from the Bestwood Partnership to launch the service.  I have also received additional funding to extend the service until April 2020.  To date the MMHC programme has helped twenty Mums to start or maintain a healthy active lifestyle while they care for their little ones.

MMHC Cropped.png

Why You Should Connect

Are you caring for a baby, infant or toddler (up to three years old)?  Do you feel like your health and well-being needs are being neglected due to your caring responsibilities?

If so, the Mummy & Me Health Club is for you.  Get connected with us today to:

  • Enjoy a new group with your friends
  • Make new friends and network with like-minded women
  • Plug into nutrition education to help you boost your healthy active lifestyle activities
  • Enjoy exercise in the company of your baby, infant or toddler
  • Feel supported in our private coaching group
  • Access 1:2:1 coaching support

“I’ve just had my 15 minute chat with Vanessa. What an amazing lady she is!!  It was very positive and I feel very privileged to have such good support” – Hope, Nottingham

About Mummy & Me Health Club Online

We have now set up the Mummy & Me Health Club Online.  In this environment we support Mums in the following areas:

Nutrition Education  (Level 1)

Over 5 weeks our Nutrition Club will help you to understand the basics of nutrition and how this impacts on your body.  You will be part of an interactive online classroom.  You will have access to the education slides/recordings after each session.

If you are an existing client you can view the online classes by clicking on the links below. 

Nutrition Education Week 3 – Why Dieting is a Waste of Time & Will Destroy Your Health  (password protected) recorded on Monday 30th March 2020.

Nutrition Club image.jpg

Nutrition Education Week 5 – Controlling Your Metabolism Naturally & Safely and How Fats can Help You Do It  (password protected) recorded on Monday 06th April 2020.

Yoga Sessions (Level 1)

Our Yoga Teacher, Lisa Brindley, Revitalise Wellbeing  will give you an opportunity practise yoga within the comfort of your own homes.  Lisa uses well known nursery rhythms throughout the yoga session.  As you are doing the yoga exercise at home you can sing along with Lisa to keep your child entertained as you do your workout.

MMHC Week 4_5


Are you feeling the impact of social isolation?  Are you interested in finding out more about the Mummy & Me Health Club Online?

Join us on our next online discovery session for a herbal tea and an informal natter.

In this discovery call you will:

  • Get to know the MMHC Team and find out how they stay healthy active while they  look after their family
  • Find out more about the benefits of the Nutrition Club
  • Find out more about the benefits of Yoga
  • Get connected with like-minded people
  • Find out how to register for a FREE 3-Day Program

Meet the Team


MMHC Team.jpg

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

I will be forever grateful for meeting three incredible women who believed in my vision to launch and develop the Mummy & Me Health Club.

Lisa takes time out of her business, Revitalise Wellbeing to become the MMHC’s resident Yoga Teacher.   Over the last six months Lisa and I  have worked closely to develop a fun and informative Mummy & Me Health Club (MMHC) programme.  The combination of nutrition education and exercise will help you to focus on your health and well-being needs.

The six week MMHC is delivered with the help and support of two amazing Mums.  After sparking a friendship I coach and support Gemma and Jo on my VIP programmes.  They are now both part of my team of ‘Diamonds’ and are training as Wellness Coaches to make difference by helping others to improve their nutrition.