My Happiness Habits

Group Coaching and Accountability Club

“I am so grateful for Group Coaching Club. The Clarity Call and Goals Sheet helped me to identify where I was, where I wanted to be and what to let go. Vanessa helped me to understand that happiness and positivity is a routine and a mindset. She taught us simple daily habits for happiness and success and her motivation and support are fantastic. The WhatsApp group for My Happiness Habits is a daily treat and support and encouragement for the group to keep going. Thank you Vanessa”. Susan, Nottingham

7 Steps to a Better You – Free Online Workshop

“Vanessa is the best coach for life change and very encouraging, supportive and funny. She even got me to exercise!! Thank you for inviting me onto the ‘7 Steps to a Better You’ [free online workshop] – an excellent personal development course. It has challenged me to set bigger goals and brought clarity to the work I need to do on myself in order to achieve them. The course is a useful tool for any mum wishing to strengthen her vision, set big life goals and learn what is needed in order to achieve them. Also packed with thoughtful quotes and information to uplift, motivate and inspire you. I’ve really enjoyed it thank you Vanessa!” – Jojo, Nottingham

“Hey Vanessa. That was absolutely brilliant! You make complete sense. I’ve ended my evening with a positive zoom call. I’m going to look at planning things much closer tomorrow. Overall it was a absolutely fantastic what you’ve done tonight! I’ll be highly recommending you. I think you know your stuff. You’re very honest and humble and it shines through”. – Emma, Nottingham

“I highly recommend this workshop. It’s really given me food for thought to search deep and to write down what I want to achieve and how I am going to get there by focusing on the 7 steps. It’s really given me validation and clarification. Vanessa is an amazing coach and I value her expertise”. – Gemma, Nottingham

Health and Well-being Café

“It was really great to see you Vanessa, to meet you Gemma and be a part of this group again. It was a brilliant surprise to see that it has gone virtual and it definitely has not lost any of its warmth, it felt like a {BIG social distance HUG}. You have managed to adapt whilst retaining the quality of content to encourage personal development and support good health and well-being. Best of all it was FUN : D Well done guys! Looking forward to next month already… ”– Corrina, 26 November 2020

“Hi Vanessa-Mary, Thank you, it was a fantastic meeting. I really, really enjoyed it. I look forward to speaking with Sofie.”- Tracy, Raffle Winner, 17 December 2020

“I attended the Health & Well-being Cafe online event last night with Sofie: Collette as the guest speaker. I am so glad I got on, it was so refreshing to talk with others like myself and the information was fantastic. Vanessa and Gemma do a fabulous job running these online events, and although I’m sad I missed the first event. I’ll be sure not to miss one again. Thank you ladies for this. There’s another great guest booked the next one. I’m looking forward to hearing, so hope to see the regulars and some new faces, you’d be mad to miss it! And thank you for my quiz prize, just perfect for me”. – Danielle, 17 December 2020

“It was great to join and thank you again. Really enjoyed the session and learnt a lot so thank you for organising. Thank you very much”.- Kerry, 25 February 2021

Mummy and Me Health Club

“Joining the club has changed [life for my son and I]. It’s helped me to have a focus and manageable lifestyle balancing being a new mama and life. I’m thankful Vanessa invited me to join. [I have] met the lovely Gemma and also Jo who lives across my street. I have come to understand that I am not alone in the journey of motherhood” – Michelle, Nottingham

“I’ve just had my 15 minute chat with Vanessa. What an amazing lady she is!! It was very positive and I feel very privileged to have such good support” – Hope, Nottingham

“This woman is an inspiration! She has helped me to have more get up and go and I’m really enjoying the pramfit that we do and getting to know Vanessa a lot more! She is amazing and I would highly recommend Vanessa to anyone thinking or struggling with fitness or just the get up and go you need. Keep being you Vanessa! We love you!!- Amy, Nottingham

Angel Card Readings

Vanessa is very uplifting, she is so approachable, kind and loving.  I had never really taken note of readings in the past.  Vanessa interpreted the messages in a way that was beautiful.  Even if you don’t believe in the non-physical.  This is the gift that she wanted to give to me.  It was a beautiful reading. Vanessa’s expressions to elaborate on her sense’s hunches helped to drive me forward let me know that the seeds are always there, and I need to water them.  The session was very uplifting and full of truth of what she believed in.

The session really made me look at the situation totally differently.  Where I have been quietly struggling, the session helped me to let it out and neutralise it into the now.  This is so profound and so powerful. This morning getting up, I have been looking at what I have done in the past, to revamp it and bring it into the now. I will make it something really good about acceptance and love. I truly appreciate everything Vanessa told me; she is a gem.  So, if you are sceptical, get curious and have a call with Vanessa.  Ask her to do an Angel reading for you.  She is brilliant at them! – Suzie, Loughborough