‘The Compound Effect’ – 21 Ideas You Can Immediately Apply into Your Life!

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

This post is written to inspire you to read more personal development books.  Over the last decade I have been reading personal development books.  Many of the classic titles have literally changed my life! I hope you find some life changing ideas in the first book I am reviewing on my site.

compound effectI recently finished reading and reviewing ‘The Compound Effect’, by Darren Hardy.  I have read this amazing personal development book three times now.  Every time I read it I am learning something new.

This time I have really studied the book.  I have taken notes and shared weekly videos with members in my online Book Club on the key learning points I observed.

I chose it to be the first title my new online Book Club – Diamond Legacy Mindset for a number of reasons.  Firstly, the book is compact and easy to read.  There are six concise chapters as well as the usual acknowledgements, special message and conclusion.

Secondly, if you are new to the concept of personal development Darren Hardy’s straight talking style is a fantastic starting point.  During most chapters Darren encourages the reader to complete a sentence to write your own personal declaration.  Each declaration is aimed at helping you to commit to taking immediate action.

At the end of each chapter Darren gives you practical action steps.  There are also links to assessments where you can download free resources to super charge your leaning experience.

“Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.” – Zig Ziglar

In my opinion, nearly a decade after its publication ‘The Compound Effect’ remains relevant to the personal development space.  Darren gives you lessons that you need to repeatedly study.  After the third time of reading this book I am still learning something.

Here are twenty one ideas you can immediately apply into your life:

  1. SMALL CHOICES made repeatedly every day will lead to your RESULTS 
  2. To reap huge rewards you need to be CONSISTENT
  3.  PRIORITISE which activities you allocate your time, focus and resources to
  4. Take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for 100% of your LIFE
  5. TRACK EVERYTHING starting with one area of your life i.e your finances
  6. Start SMALL disciplines IMMEDIATELY
  7. Take back control of the things you give your ATTENTION to
  8. Focus on eliminating your NEGATIVE HABITS 
  9. Work on installing POSITIVE HABITS to replace the negative habits
  10. Start a daily GRATITUDE journal
  11. Set new GOALS – ideally supported by your family, friends and colleagues
  12. Be willing to hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE in public
  13. CELEBRATE your successes
  14. Create new routines to help you build MOMENTUM
  15. Identify your negative and positive INFLUENCES
  16. Stop watching the NEWS
  17. Listen to PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT CDs in your car
  18. identify examples of people who INSPIRE you
  19. Identify a MENTOR and COACH
  20. Exceed your own EXPECTATIONS
  21. Apply extra effort into your activities to ACCELERATE your results!

If you are ready to focus on your personal development.  I would recommend this book for your reading list.  If you already have a copy of this best selling book in your collection is it time to have another read?


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