10 Ways to Start your Healthy Active Lifestyle – part 1

“Success comes from the inside out. In order to change what is on the outside, you must first change what is on the inside.” ― Idowu Koyenikan, Author

Whoo Hoo!  This is my first blog on this new site. I hope you gain value from my words.

Yesterday during my 06.00 am morning walk.  I pondered on the topics I need to start sharing with you.  If you’ve read my story you’ll know the background.  If you’re not familiar basically over one to two years.  My weight rocketed to 17.5 stones.  My body metrics were terrible.  I was very unhappy and needed to make a change.  That was nearly four years ago.   Every day I try and take positive actions to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle.

Part one is from a list written from my own perspective.  There are ten ideas in this series I will share with you.  This blog focuses on the first five ideas which helped me start to create a sustainable healthy active lifestyle.


In 2012 I wasn’t looking for a healthy active lifestyle.  I was actually very active in terms of exercise.  The sad news was I didn’t have a clue about nutrition.  Or how the food and drinks I enjoyed throughout the day were harming or healing my body.  I didn’t start my nutritional plan until March 2013.  There was always a reason why I had to put my own needs aside.  One day I received a telephone call reminding me I’d made an desire to change.  I am so grateful my Nutrition & Wellness Coach Katrina did not give up on me.

Fast forward to 2016.  My decision  is paying off.  I have more energy. I get a lot of compliments on my appearance.   Every day is a new opportunity to work on improving my body metrics.  To be honest though the title ‘Nutrition & Wellness Coach’ can be difficult to uphold everyday.  I am not perfect and have my weaknesses.  I really enjoy cooking and am very good at it. Sharing homemade food with my family and friends is something I enjoy.  The difference now is I understand what my body needs.  This attitude and  is very different to dieting.  I can make decisions to improve everyday.


Accountability isn’t something we are encouraged to think about as adults.  When my nutritional package arrived the help and support of my Nutrition & Wellness Coach Katrina came as part of my purchase.  I was also fortunate to have a supportive partner at home.  At the beginning of my journey Mark did not change his eating habits.  Over the years I’ve gathered more information on nutrition.   Mark has begun to make better choices for his own health.

At work I’ve made friendships by asking my colleagues to become challenge partners.  One of my colleagues is my challenge partner for exercise.  Ironically we’ve never taken an exercise workout together.  We found a simple way to use our Smart Phones to communicate our daily progress.


Family members make great challenge partnerships

Challenge partners will:

  • Confront you by taking you to task if you are not on track
  • Cheer you on by giving you additional motivational support
  • Comfort you by encouraging you to keep going when you want to quit
  • Challenge you by acting as your conscious

I am also lucky to have my fitcamp members as my Challenge Partners.  Each member is encouraged to invite their family and friends.  In terms of exercise there are lots of ideas for partner based workouts.


” When you know better, you do better” – Maya Angelou

I am not sure when I fell into the habit of skipping breakfast.  I always made sure my children had breakfast when they were younger.  

Maybe like ever20160423_085450yone else my life just became busier.  I can remember that running late for school became a theme in our house.  I guess I convinced myself I was too busy to eat.

I am not the only parent to skip breakfast.  A recent survey shows more than half of new mothers admit they skip their morning meal with 47 per cent of parents saying they find breakfast the most stressful time of the day.

My old habits needed changing.   Now I know better.  So I can understand why I was gaining weight. Thankfully eating and enjoying breakfast has become a daily habit.  Making breakfast is a creative experience. I like to add a fruit and selected vegetables into my nutritional shakes.  During the winter I enjoy porridge oats in the morning.  It’s easy to add my nutritional supplement, which makes it taste delicious!

Are you are fed up with feeling tired?  Experience a great energy boost in my FREE 5 Day Breakfast Club 


Over the last few months one of my favourite random questions to ask someone has been “What did you have for breakfast today?”

I am always interested in hearing the answer.  There are a range of responses from nothing, coffee, porridge, muesli, cereals and full English breakfast.  Sometimes I hear about the reheating of left over takeaways or home cooked food.  I am fascinated with the responses.  The second question I’ll ask is;

“Did your breakfast give your body everything it needs?”.

I presently work in the motor industry.  I was actually brought up by a Mechanic/Used Car Sales Man.  I’ve always been around vehicles.  I learnt how to drive in my early twenties. I’ve owned several cars.  Every car I purchased needed a good working engine.  They’ve been fuelled by unleaded petrol.  I’ve topped up my oil and water levels.  I’ve checked my tyres for air pressure etc.  I think you get the picture I’m painting here.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn

I am the only owner of my body.  I have always live in this body.  I only have one heart.  My body needs marco and micro nutrients to live and function properly.   My body needs protein to repair my cells and make new ones. My body needs to be hydrated so it can carry out its important jobs.  My body needs healthy fats for energy and cell growth.

My healthy breakfast gives my body every thing it needs.



Back in 2013 I was asked to record my own body metrics. I really felt uncomfortable doing this.  I didn’t want to know.  I’ll save my full body composition experience for another post.  In a nut shell my body metrics were terrible.  My numbers indicated my years of neglect in terms of body fat percentage, hydration levels, lean muscle mass to name but a few.

Making a decision to change isn’t always easy. Before you start I’d recommend that you make a note of your key body metrics.  Once you’ve made a decision to make improvements. Your initial readings will be part of your marker for continued success. The date of when you’re committed to activating a healthy active lifestyle will become

Enjoying a healthy active lifestyle is a continuous experience.  If you have found value from reading my experience please leave a comment below. Part two in this topic will show you the building blocks to sustaining your active lifestyle plan.

New year.  New start?  Make a commitment to track your body composition. Are you serious about finding out your body composition?  Contact me today for a free no obligation conversation.


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