13 Quick & Convenient Healthy Snacking Ideas

“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments” – Bethenny Frankel

Ola!  So here we are again.  It’s been a while since I’ve had an opportunity to write.  I cannot believe it’s now February! I hope you’re having a great start to 2017.  Today’s post is about healthy snacking.  Thank you to my friend Louise in Bath.   Louise is a student who suggested I shared ideas around healthy snacking.  If you’re focused on a healthy active lifestyle. Changing our eating habits around snacking is a great place to start.  I hope you gain value from today’s list.

“Only I can change my life. Noone can do it for me”- Carol Burnett

soy-nuts-roasted1.jpgUntil I started my nutritional programme snacking had been an issue for me.  In the past my kitchen cupboards were filled with crisps, biscuits and cakes. Nowadays there are still crisps in the cupboard, but thankfully they are Mark’s. Luckily for me he buys flavours  I don’t like so there is no temptation there.  Instead I’ve swapped crisps for roasted soy beans, nuts and sunflower seeds.

My solution to reducing my craving for biscuits is simple.  I do not purchase them.  When it comes to cake again I don’t buy this at home any more.  However, I don’t deny myself a piece of carrot cake if I attend the occasional buffet.  If you’re a new visitor to my blog please allow me to give you some background. I am not dieting but following a nutritional programme.  In my experience diets do not work for me.  Whereas a nutritional programme gives me flexibility to enjoy food in moderation!

Little and Often

On rare occasions I’ve run out of my nutritional meal replacement supply.  If all is good with my ordering. I always have my nutritional formula 1 in the morning for breakfast. The nutrition I consume gives my body everything it needs. Therefore my breakfast can keep me full for up to three and half hours.  Too be honest sometimes I have to remind myself to eat something!  You see it’s important to control your blood sugar levels throughout the day. So you need to eat approximately every three hours. This will ensure the life-sustaining chemical process know as metabolism will be burning energy from food at the correct speed. Did you know that if you’re aim is to loose weight you need to eat enough?  If not you will lose muscle mass and slow down your metabolism.

My snacks throughout the day are always high in protein.  Our body needs proteins to build tissues.  They are part of every cell in our body.  Ironically, the body needs proteins but cannot produce them. We can only consume proteins from food.  Dr Ananya Mandal, MD explains “Foods with the best quality protein are eggs, milk, soybeans, meats, vegetables, and grains”. (What is Metabolism?).  Protein helps our body to repair and build muscle. This is why I give my #24Fit Campers a protein snack immediately after our workouts. The more muscle you have the more calories you will burn no matter what your body is doing.

proteinbarsSo what do I snack on?  Before I share some ideas. I just wanted to tell you about the changes I’ve noticed by taking supplements and drinking water throughout the day. When I consistently take my supplements (this includes multi-vitamins) and drink two liters of water every day. My craving for snacking on sugary and sweet food is significantly reduced. If I want something sweet I have a piece of fruit.

Protein Snacking

I follow my own advice and aim to eat every three hours.  In terms of protein snacks  I personally need snacks that are portal and easy to prepare.  My main choices are my company’s Roasted Soy Beans and Protein Bars. People in my life know I’m often rushing around from one place to another. Therefore my snacks need to be quick to grab out of the cupboard and easy to carry in my handbag.

Obviously variety is nice in food. So, here are 13 quick and convenient healthy snacking ideas I share with participates on my Eat Clean Challenges.

  1. Greek yogurt (sugars under 8 grams)
  2. Dip veggies/fruit into peanut/almond butter
  3. Herbalife Protein Bar
  4. Almonds or cashew nuts (raw unsalted are best)
  5. Roasted, unsalted pistachios
  6. Lean deli meat (turkey, ham, chicken)
  7. Hard boiled eggs
  8. Herbalife Roast Soy Beans
  9. Pumpkin or sunflower seeds
  10. Tuna (instead of mayo use lemon)
  11. Beans or lentils
  12. Edamame
  13. Cottage cheese on Ryvita

What do you like to snack on? If you’re looking for healthier choices did you gain value from these snacking ideas?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Please leave and comment below.  If you would like to speak to me about the protein snacks I distribute please send me a message.

Before I leave you today. I’m curious to know if you’ve made any adjustments to your healthy active lifestyle in 2017?  Please leave comments below to share the changes you’ve started to make in your life. If you are looking for ideas check out my  ‘Get Uncomfortable List’ – Sporting Activities You Should TryPart One and Part Two.






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