Accepting Your Emotions in the Here and Now

“If you keep your emotions locked in a box, then when you want to open it one day you’ll find that they’re gone.” ― M.D. Arnold

We are fast approaching the end of an extremely emotional year.  There are many reasons why 2020 will be remembered as a rollercoaster of events and emotions.  The internet and social media has enabled many traumatic scenes and stories to be shared from across the world.  On reflection we have lived through an exceptional historical time.  If you have been directly affected or merely observed the happenings of 2020 how has this impacted on your emotions? 

Examine Your Emotions

Do you feel overwhelmed with emotional pain such as anger, fear, shame and sadness?  We are getting ready for a new beginning.  The predictions for 2021 are very interesting as there will be many changes.  Hopefully, we will see these advancements will positively transform humanity forever.  As wo/man-kind advances it will be important for you to remain or become strong emotionally and mentally. 

Working as a Lifestyle Coach for Mums I have been supporting women and their families throughout the turbulence of 2020.  Now I am delighted to relaunch the Global Health & Well-being Café on Thursday 26th November.  The event will now take place online and will hopefully reach an international audience.

To reignite the energy of the gathering I am honoured Suzie Welstead, Emotional Well-being Coach and author of ‘You Are Enough’, will be our first guest speaker.  During her short talk Suzie will help you to prepare to start mastering your emotions.

Suzie Welstead, Emotional Well-being Coach & Author of ‘You Are Enough’

Suzie is passionate about people and emotions.  She specialises in emotional acceptance and believes life is an emotional experience. In her coaching work Suzie encourages her clients to embrace in how they feel in each moment and guides them to overcome emotional pain to uncover the happiness that is deep within.

Suzie is also a presenter of the ‘Let’s Talk’ show on Leicester Community Radio where she focuses on raising awareness on mental health with survivors of domestic abuse, disadvantage teenagers and those suffering with suicidal thoughts.

“It is such a great opportunity to talk about emotions as I’m passionate about sharing emotional acceptance for all to have as part of their tool kit to combat their emotions. Something that is not taught in schools yet so valuable for us to maintain a healthy emotional well-being”.

Suzie Welstead, Emotional Well-being Coach & Author

Connecting a Global Community

At the Global Health and Well-being Café Suzie will share her wisdom on Emotional Acceptance: how to deal with stress and anxiety. 

In her short talk Suzie will help you to:

  • Acknowledge how you feel
  • Focus on the here and now so you understand that you are not your emotion or feelings
  • Take away hints and tips to support you through challenging times

The Global Health & Well-being Café is a fun, friendly and informative one-stop-meet up for your mind, body and spiritual longevity. Come and connect with light-minded people and learn from industry leaders.  This free monthly event will help you to stay accountable to your healthy active lifestyle goals.

For booking information please see the link here

Listen to my podcast interview with Suzie Welstead

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Suzie to learn more about her story and her coaching style.  In our conversation Suzie talks about her experience of overcoming abuse in her teenage years shaped her decision to focus her career on helping others.  We also discuss Suzie’s coaching style, her book and the topics she discusses on her radio talk show.

Listen to "Accepting Your Emotions in the Here and Now with Suzie Welstead, Emotional Well-being Coach" on Spreaker.  


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