Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone – Sporting activities you should try in 2017 (part 1)

“The reason I exercise is for the quality of life I enjoy” –  Kenneth H. Cooper

img_1199Happy New Year!  It’s great to see so many people excited about the new opportunities waiting for us. Everyone is on a different stage of their health and wellness journey.  Some people are still thinking about making healthy choices. Some are getting started with great enthusiasm.  Others are continuing to developed their healthy habits, routines and rituals. Wherever you are I wish you every success throughout 2017.

I’d love an opportunity to support you. Today’s post should particularly appeal to you if you’re interested in doing something different in the year ahead.

Recently, I shared part 1 and part 2 of  10 Ways To Start a Healthy Active Lifestyle. As you’d expect exercise was featured in the list. What type of sports or exercise do you like to do?  Are there activities you’re curious about trying?

I’ve always been a sporty person. I’ve enjoyed cycling, walking, salsa dancing, playing netball and kickboxing. Since 2015, I’ve coached people at a weekly fitcamp in Nottingham.  Last spring Mark and I set up a WalkFit group.  No matter what the pace or intensity.  I’ve found working out with people enjoyable and socially rewarding.  However, like most things in life. It’s easy to stick to what you know. There are many activities I’d like to try or revisit.

“You must do the things you think you cannot do” – Eleanor Roosvelt

I personally need to get out of my comfort zone. Can you relate to this? If you’re looking for something a little different than your normal fitness classes. I invite you to come on a twelve month journey with me. Today’s post introduces Part One of my ‘Get Uncomfortable List’.  I am familiar with some activities on my list such as trampolining. In contrast, I’ve included sports like Golf, which I’ve never tried. So my aim in 2017 is to get out of my comfort zone.

Anything is possible, especially with a little help from my friends and supporters. I’ve previously shared the benefits of enrolling Accountability Challenge Partners? Involving others increases your chances of success. I’d be honoured if you returned to this site throughout 2017. I’ll also be sharing updates on other social platforms. If you’re an enthusiast representing any of the sports I’ll be showcasing. I’d love to hear about your experiences and recommendations too. Apart from the first activity. The list is not written in any particular order.

“It is nice finding that place where you can just go and relax”- Moises Arias

There is always a reason to celebrate the places we live.  Nottingham, England is a great city for sporting activities.  We have the National Ice Centre, Holme Pierrepont Country Park, home of the National Water Sports Centre, the River Trent and other incredible activity centres.  In Part One of my ‘Get Uncomfortable List’ I’ll be exploring the health benefits about each activity sport.

1. Ice Skating 

Nottingham’s Ice Stadium, 1995

Growing up in Nottingham.  I’ve always observed our proud connections with ice skating.  The city is home to one of the UK’s best loved Olympic Ice Skating Medalists;  Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean.

My best friend Rebecca is aware of my ‘Get Uncomfortable List’.  She suggests ice skating as my stating point.  My last memory of being on the ice is an adult. My Caribbean Grandparents raised me. They weren’t big fans of cold environments.

Like most people I’ve fallen down on the ice a few times. The last time I was at the Stadium my children were confidently skating in the middle .  I anticipate I’ll still be holding onto the sides.

Did you know?

  • Ice skating helps improve your balance
  • Ice skating improves your joints. This exercise works almost every major muscle group in the body, including joints.
  • Ice skating provides a great aerobic workout

(source Health Fitness Revolution)

2. Trampolining

Nottingham also has a dedicated trampolining centre Planet Bounce.  I trampolining-silhouette-imagereally enjoyed trampolining lessons as a teenager.  I was actually quite good.  Twenty five years later I’m extremely excited.  I’m curious to find out how my adult self will execute a forward somersault.

Did you know?

  • Bouncing regularly on a trampoline is 15% more effective in burning calories than you would achieve from running
  • Trampolining can help to lower cholesterol, as it increases blood flow and strengthens muscles around our hearts
  • Trampolining is also great for our mental health. It heightens our alertness leading to faster reaction times

(source Jump Nation Trampoline Parks)

3. Rock Climbing

There is a lot of choice in this city. Nottingham has a Climbing Centre.  My first experience of Rock Climbing will be indoors.  Depending on how I feel about the sport I’ll endeavor to climb outdoors in the future too.

Did you know?

  • Rock climbing combines cardio and strength into a single workout
  • Burns lots of calories
  • Increases your mental strength

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.”  – Unknown

 4. Golf

Now here’s activity that will certainly get me out of my comfort zone. Speaking honestly, I’ve never been interested in golf.   Last year I read about the health benefits.  My perception started to change.  At college I met a professional Golfer through a mutual friend.  This young man appeared to live comfortably.  He enjoyed his lifestyle as a sponsored professional training in the sport.  My retired neighbour adores playing. The Golf Course is within walking distance from our street.  I will have no excuses not try at least one round of golf!

Did you know?

  • Playing golf is likely to increase life expectancy
  • Golfers show improved cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic health

“Evidence suggests golfers live longer than non-golfers, enjoying improvements in cholesterol levels, body composition, wellness, self-esteem and self-worth”,  Dr Andrew Murray, Edinburgh University

(Source: BBC News, October 2016)

5. Canoeing 


Sadly, I am not usually a Cheerleader for my home city. Writing this post has opened my eyes. When I was younger I lived near the River Trent.  Most childhood memories are from my adventures and experiences of playing near the river.  There were days when I would spend hours observing how people enjoyed spending time in the water.

Canoeing is a low impact water sport.  I was invited to join in when I was about seven.  I never made time for the sport in my teenage years.  Getting back into a canoe as an adult will be interesting I’m sure!

Did you know?

  • Canoeing gives you a full body workout
  • Paddling burns calories
  • Canoeing brings you closer to nature

6. Cycling 

Here is my final choice for part one.  I’ve included cycling to my list. This sport is not new to me.  I’ve had a bike since I was a child.  I still own a bike now. However, it is sitting rusty in our shed. I also need to replace the tyres.  I’ve added cycling onto the list as point of motivation.  If repair my bicycle I can start using this as an alternative to my car.

Did you know?

  • Cycling can improve your heart
  • Cycling will reduce you body fat (different to weight loss) – see my body composition post
  • Cycling can increase longevity

I hope you’ve gained value from part one of my ‘Get Uncomfortable List’. Are you inspired enough now to write out your own list?  If so, please leave a comment below. I’d love to be a part of your journey.


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