How to track your body transformation

“Transformation is an ongoing process that tends to appear ordinary, when, in fact, something extraordinary is taking place.” ― Suzy Ross

If we are lucky enough to meet each other.  You may notice I can be an excitable person. Admittedly, I am very enthusiastic when I am with my customers. I enjoy seeing them step onto my magic body scanner. The magic is in fact a mixture of things.  Firstly, the quality nutrition they consume. Secondly, their focus on achieving their health goals. Finally, working together as a team means we consistently track changes. All of which supercharges their transformation.

I am on a Mission 

img_1126I am on a mission to offer everyone I know a free body scan. The reading is done in less than a minute. Once you have the information you have two choices. One, you can make changes in your lifestyle if required. Or two, do nothing until the timing is right for you.

The first experience of the body scan is interesting. Some people feel nervous.  They don’t want to know their numbers i.e. body fat percentage, hydration levels and internal fat etc.  I was the same. I was never in the habit of regularly weighing myself. Then I learnt more about body composition. Now I track my progress, set backs and stand stills generally every Wednesday.

What is Body Transformation?

You may notice your body has changed over the years. Some changes can be seen.  Others are for your eyes only.  Am I right? I had my children young. Luckily I regained my figure quickly. Now I am forty my body shape is different. I’ve certainly noticed areas for improvement.  Can you relate to this?  There are areas of the body we can dye, pluck, wax etc to achieve the results we’re seeking.  However, what about our body shape? Well unless you’re prepared to seek cosmetic surgery.  There are key things you need to do. Yes you guessed it.  Eat healthy nutritious rich food, drink water and exercise.  These elements are essential to enable your transformation to manifest.

I use the term body transformation often. This is something I am continuing to learn about.   Online searches will lead you to ideas about the changes in your physical appearance. In the context of nutrition and wellness.  I am referring to an ongoing process to changes in your body composition.  I will discuss the difference between body composition verses body weight later.

body-comps-19-10-16You’d be surprised how much your body can change in short space of time.  You need to be consistent though.  Your body can actually change within four weeks.  It will take about six weeks for you to notice these changes.

I design my fit camp sessions around a body transformation challenge. Each challenge lasts for five weeks.

Every session incorporates a range of high intensity workouts.   The sessions help us to burn fat and encourage strength training.  I take body composition readings at the beginning and end of the five week challenge.

In my view,  long term sustainable change includes  a transformation of the mind.   You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.  Helping people to make positive changes is my gift.  Before my clients start their nutritional programmes.  We have a conversation to identify their goals.  Working on the changes required on inside.  Will produce the outer changes.

Why is Body Composition Important?


If you’ve read my story you’ll know how much of an impact business philosopher Jim Rohn has had on my life.  One of of the many things he has taught me is how important it is to know your numbers.  Many of us have been conditioned to think about our body metrics in terms of our weight.  Did you know your overall body weight includes all the elements of your body, including bones, blood, organs, muscles and fat? Your height and age is also going to have an impact on your body composition.

Alternatively, a scanner to measure body composition breaks down your total body weight into the various elements.  So for example, rather than only tracking your weight. There are benefits of knowing your lean muscle mass and body fat percentage.  If you would like to start taking your body composition seriously.  There are some supporting tools you will need to help you achieve your success.

  • Accountability Challenge Partners
  • A Better Body Challenge Coach (yeah I know I am bias here)
  • Body composition reader – throw away your bathroom scales unless they measure body fat %, lean muscle and much more
  • Tape measure
  • Mobile apps – I really like Map My Fitness
  • Smart Watch or Pedometer
  • Body composition tracking sheet

The Power of Group Coaching 

Success comes easier when we do things in groups.  I reset my own health goals in 2017. I’ve updated this blog in 2020.  Three years on I am still keeping myself accountable.  How are you getting on with your health and fitness goals?  I’m inviting you to my 6 Day Breakfast Club. 

You will have an opportunity to experience the power of group coaching.  After you have completed the 6 Day Breakfast Club you will be invited to join my 21 Day Nutrition Club.  In this environment you will continue to benefit from group coaching.  I will also check-in with you monthly on a 1-2-1 basis to help you track your body composition.

Tracking body transformations will be a key part of the sessions.   The 21 Nutrition Club has been upgraded in 2020 to help you track your weekly nutrition success.  If you would like more information please send me a message.  Whatever you decide to do.  I wish you all the best in achieving the body composition changes you desire.


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