Health & Nutrition Education 

Lifestyle Coach for Mums :Vanessa-Mary: invites you to become a part of the Health & Well-being Café – a fun, friendly and informative one-stop-meet up for your mind, body and spiritual longevity …

Before each event I have had the honour of spending time with my guest speakers. Here are our pre-event recordings covering a range of topics. I hope you can value from the lessons my guests share with me.

Sarah Alder – Meal Planning and Family Mealtimes Mentor


💚 In this relaxing chat around our kitchen tables Sarah and I had an opportunity to deepen our virtual connection. Sarah is a Meal Planning and Family Mealtimes Mentor. Sarah is very passionate about food, meal planning and making family meal times fun! In this conversation I discover why and how Sarah started her exciting journey to support families to transform mealtimes.

Victoria Sedgwick – Emotion and Body Healer Practitioner


💚 I’ve had a delightful conversation with the wonderful Victoria. In this light-hearted chat Victoria shares her knowledge and wisdom with a great mixture of humour and stories. This includes her personal experience on how learning about the emotion and body code has had an extremely positive impact on her life.

Angie Simmons – Mental Wellness Coach


💚 In this episode I have an opportunity to get to know Angie Simmons, who is a Published Author and Mental Wellness Coach. In our chat Angie shares many examples of how she used personal development to overcome personal challenges. Angie’s journey has taken her on a path where she uses her ‘mess to become her message’ as she embarks on new and rewarding career helping others.

: Sofie: Collette. Psychic Astrologer


💚 In second episode of my podcast I am blessed to have an opportunity to interview : Sofie. During our chat I learn more about : Sofie’s story and career as a Holistic Therapist and Psychic Astrologer. In our conversation : Sofie talks about her fascination with astrology as a young woman growing up in Belgium. We also discuss how the coming planetary alignment between Jupiter and Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees will have a positive impact on the shift in global consciousness. We also discuss how alternative therapies, medicine and coaching will be in demand from 2021.

Suzie Welstead, Emotional Well-being Coach 


💚 Moving into the online environment after a long maternity break required a rebrand.  Our first speaker for the Health & Well-being Cafe is the wonderful Suzie Welstead, Emotional Wellbeing Coach. In the first episode of my podcast I had the pleasure of interviewing Suzie to learn more about her story and her coaching style.

In our conversation Suzie talks about her experience of overcoming abuse in her teenage years shaped her decision to focus her career on helping others. We also discuss Suzie’s coaching style, her book and the topics she discusses on her radio talk show.

Rachel Jackson, Mind Alive 


💚 Our first guest speaker for the 2019 Health & Well-being Cafe programme of events was the fabulous Rachel Jackson, Mindfulness Coach at Mind Alive.  Here is my interview with her before the event to find out more about her session,  Short Guided Meditation and Free Tips on How to Increase Peace in Your Life!

In this short interview Rachel tells us more about her unique services.  At the time of filming there’s only 9 weeks left until I enter motherhood again. I can’t wait to take my baby to Rachel’s Bunny Calm session! 🐇🐇

Rev. Monica Douglas- Clark – The Rebel Reverend


💚 Our guest speaker at the September Health & Well-being Cafe was an Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Abundance Mentor & Business Rebel, the Rev. Monica Douglas- Clark. Here is my interview with her before the event to find out how she was going to help my guests to Reclaim Your Rebel – Unleash Your Inner Energy.

Monica HWC cropped

Jo Cantle, Feel Good for You Coaching 

JULY 2018

💚 The Health & Well-being Cafe decided to put a spotlight on our habits.  It was a pleasure for me to have an opportunity to introduce my personal mentor Jo Cantle to my growing community.

During her session Jo helped us to explore “How to Break a Habit : Identify what is holding you back from leading the life you want!” I had a chance to speak to Jo before the event to find out more about her talk.


Janet Stafford, Registered Nurse & Owner of The Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic

MAY 2018

💚 Our guest speaker at the May Health & Well-being Cafe was local therapist Janet Stafford. Here is my interview with her before the event to find out more information about the benefits of colon hydrotherapy.


Filmed at our opening night April 2018

💚 The opening night of the first ever Health & Well-being Cafe April was a great success.  Check out this short video to hear what our guests thought about the first event.