Online Health Talks

Elevate your knowledge on holistic self care to super charge your health & wellbeing routine.

Are you a health conscious woman?

Do you have a desire to continue to make positive changes to your life?

Are you are busy and struggling to find the time to read the endless social media top tips and articles on health, wellbeing, mindset and self care?

Imagine, how simple your transformation journey would be if you could access inspiring health and well-being information at a time that’s convenient to you.

If so, the Elevate Your Be-ing online transformation summit is for you.

I am so excited about the launch of my first online summit in November 2021. Would it be okay if I could introduce you to amazing Coaches who can add value to your journey?

This online content will support the expansion of your awareness on your self-care if you are:

  • Ready to start or deepen your holistic self-care (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) practice
  • Enjoy learning in a structured manner at your own pace
  • Enjoy being part of a online community to learn and growth with others even if you’re not always able to engage in the conversations

The creation of the summit is part of the first year celebration for the online version of the Health & Well-being Cafe (HWC).

By bringing together past HWC speakers you will have an opportunity to super charge your health, well-being journey and spiritual journey. Click on the link below for more information.