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: Vanessa-Mary: is as knowledgeable and experienced high energy coach ideal to provide guidance to Mums getting started on your entrepreneurial journey. 

Are you a busy Mum starting up a business? Imagine how confident you will feel if you were connected to a support network who are driven to build a successful brand and encourage you to live a healthy active lifestyle.

If you’re serious about setting up a business you need to be prepared to make positive long term changes to expand your mind and boost your skills in differ areas of business.

This journey will not be easy at first however if you have the right information and support network with you from the start this will be a spring board to your success.

Learn the skills you need to get started and start making an extra income from your business.

After setting up several home based businesses while juggling my family life and working for someone else I have reflected on the number one reason why it took me some time to figure my success strategy.

I believe in investing in myself so I’ve also had business coaches to guide me along the way. This included coaches I have found on the internet or through reading a vast amount of books.

Getting access to information wasn’t the problem. Howver, I found myself working in isolation. My eating habits began to slip and keeping up with a healthy active lifestyle began to feel like a chore.

I stumbled through my success but I started to feel disconnected from other Mums who didnt share the same ambitions as I did to set up a business to make a positive impact for my clients and family.

I began to realise there is value having a business coach with the ability and knowledge of business and health to guide and encourage a network of entrepreneurial Mums.

This gave me the insight to write and publish my first coaching programme.

I am so excited to have an opportunity to work closely with you. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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7 Steps to a Better You (Starter plan)

Now you have completed the free 7 Steps to a Better You Workshop you are ready to plug into structured business coaching programme by accessing all of the modules in the full 7 Steps to a Better You group coaching programme.

The starter plan will help you to prepare a detailed roadmap to get your business off to a flying start.

In this package you will have lifetime access to:

Lifetime access of the ‘7 Steps to a Better You’ online content for you to view and complete at your own pace.

Lifetime access to a vault of new insightful videos on a range of topics such as inspiration, strategy and marketing

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7 Steps to a Better You (Group plan)

If you looking to learn from others to help you to make money online and build your brand you will be connected to an amazing online community of powerful Mumtrepreneurs inside my Group Coaching plan.

You will receive everything covered In the basic plan plus the following:

Access to a private members forum for questions, discussion and collaborations

Coaching in a twelve month Mastermind Group where we will to do a deep dive on your monthly strategy and keep you accountable

Subscribe today and benefit from my limited introduction offer at only $54.99 per month for twelve months!

Vanessa is the best coach for life change and very encouraging, supportive and funny. She even got me to exercise!

Thank you for inviting me onto the ‘7 Steps to a Better You’ [free online workshop] – an excellent personal development course.

It has challenged me to set bigger goals and brought clarity to the work I need to do on myself in order to achieve them….

The course is a useful tool for any mum wishing to strengthen her vision, set big life goals and learn what is needed in order to achieve them. Also packed with thoughtful quotes and information to uplift, motivate and inspire you.

I’ve really enjoyed it thank you Vanessa!”

Jojo, Nottingham

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