Women’s Empowerment

Entrapment & Enslavement

Are you looking for PRACTICAL solutions to help you step outside societal limitations, BUT you just don’t know HOW to get started?

Our online workshop Enslavement and Entrapment is part two in our ‘Discovering You’ series. This interactive online workshop will be informative and uplifting to help you to focus on solutions.

The second part of your ‘Discovery Map’ focuses on the entrapment of the economic system. Join us to help you heal from the trauma of a broken world.

The live session will be held online via zoom. Our experienced team will help to comprehend how historical events have led us to where we are now. In this workshop you will learn how the entrapment happens within ‘The System’ at birth. You will leave with information on how to assert your rights as a living soul being.

Part two of the workshop will help you to learn the basics of the different aspects of the Law and how these came to be. This comprehensive information will help you discover how you can take self responsibility and stand in your divine sovereignty.

To help you to navigate through the craziness I am working in partnership with an amazing team. Our Vibrate Higher, Discovering You series is a six part event that will help you answer some questions you may have.

The second online event has been recorded: Entrapment & Enslavement

In the recording of this online workshop we will show you how to use your sovereign power and help you to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

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