21 Day Challenge

Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account”. Anne Wilson Schaef

When you take a closer look at the foods you routinely eat – and your everyday exercise patterns – it’s amazing how a little fine tuning can add up to big rewards.

After you have experienced the 6 Day Breakfast Club Coaching  programme the next step is to reinforce your positive habits over a period of 21 Days.  You will be invited to join a fun WhatsApp group where you will be encouraged to think about your health care holistically by following our 21 Day Health Hack series.

1 Help Your Hydration

2 Protein Power

3 Manage Your Micronutrients

4 Help Your Heart

5 Boost Your Bones

6 Establish Your Exercise

7 Fix Your Fibre

*Joining requirement minimum of our Basic Ideal Breakfast Programme (£2.46 per day).

My Nutrition & Fitness programmes will provide you with:

  • Nutrition Education around 7 Health Hacks
  • FREE Meal plans and recipe guides
  • Community Support
  • Exercise videos – includes access to exclusively filmed videos by professional Olympic Athletes!
  • Recognition for the steps you’re achieving