Education & Empowerment

Welcome to our loving sisterhood, Sovereign Empress!

Congratulations for choosing to embark on a journey of self-discovery to real-eyes your true power and purpose, picking up knowledge and practical, progressive solutions along the way.

:Vanessa- Mary: works in collaboration with a team of self-development, wellness and empowerment professionals on a mission to support humanity to reach its full potential.

We are excited to connect with you and look forward to supporting you in taking full responsibility of your projected reality and claiming back your sovereignty and sovereign free will. We have designed and created the ‘Discovering You’ education and empowerment series.

Our Discovering You series is a six part event of online education and empowerment workshops that will raise your awareness and confidence to stand in your own authority and help you answer some questions you may have in the following areas of an ever-changing world.

Here is a list of the workshops in our six-part series:

01 – Healing the Chaos and Confusion
The first workshop focuses on the wellness of your mindset, body and soul. It outlines the Discovering You Road Map to retune your energy so you can focus on solutions and assist your personal growth from confusion to clarity.

02 – Entrapment and Enslavement
This workshop will help you to comprehend the entrapment that happens within ‘The System’ at birth to keep you living in servitude. In this session you will discover how you can take self responsibility and stand in your divine sovereignty.

03 – How to Re-Present Yourself
This workshop will build on your knowledge and show you how to practically and lawfully exit ‘The System’ within proven pathways to liberty.
To be recorded

04 – Perceptions of Lack
This workshop will help you to challenge your belief system and show you practical ways to create more abundance within your life.
To be recorded

05 – Where to go from here?
This workshop will include an expert panel. You will have an opportunity to listen, learn and ask questions from our knowledgeable and experienced guests.
To be recorded

06 – Who are you now?
The final workshop in the series will focus on the evolvement of your soul journey.
To be recorded

Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused with the ongoing drama of global events? Are seeking to expand your knowledge so you can start to comprehend the layers of deception presented by the existing ‘System’ over many centuries?

The Vibrate Higher community will help you to learn ideas and solutions to boost your confidence.

Here’s a reminder about what you will receive in our community:

Access to five live recordings of our online ‘Discovering You’ workshops PLUS

  • Clarity Call with Vanessa so you can focus on shifting your mindset
  • Access to our Inspirational Telegram Community
  • Law, Commercial Liens and Useful Links Resource Guide
  • Online Q&A Implementation Coaching sessions twice a month
  • Offers and discounts to our other events


  • You Are Enough written by Suzie Welstead, Emotional Fitness Coach
  • Recordings of the all 6 workshops in the ‘Discovering You’ series
  • 6 x Group Coaching & Accountability Sessions (Clarity Package)
  • Invitation to attend Divine Cuppa – Weekly Networking and Q & A (recorded)
  • Access to exclusive interviews with panel speaker and workshop contributors
  • Emotional Fitness One Month Trial